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Bracelet Chanceux -Scorpio

Bracelet Chanceux -Scorpio

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To help you know your sign or discover the ones of your friend, you will find here below all the Zodiac sign details:
Aries: March, 21rst – April, 19th
Taurus: April, 20th – May, 21rst
Gemini: May, 21rst – June, 21rst
Cancer: June, 22nd – July, 22nd
Leo: July, 23rd – August, 22nd
Virgo: August, 23rd – Septembre, 22nd
Libra: Septembre, 23rd – Octobre, 22nd
Scorpio: Octobre, 23rd - Novembre, 22nd
Sagittarius: Novembre, 23rd – Décembre, 21rst
Capricorn: December, 22nd – January, 19th
Aquarius: January, 20th – February, 19th
Pisces: February, 20th – March, 20th

hand-enamelled with a gold-plated symbol of the zodiac sign complete this unique chain bracelet.

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